Shout Out – Bailey’s Chocolate Bar

chocBailey’s Chocolate Bar is in the Lafayette Square and has a variety of small plates, cheese plates, flat breads, desserts and drinks. Of course their specialty though are their items made with chocolate! From chocolate drinks to rich desserts, their chocolate products are all homemade delicacies. Although they are not organic, they do focus on fresh homemade food and have a lot of gluten free options. Continue reading Shout Out – Bailey’s Chocolate Bar

Organic STL is debuting Golden Goodies June 11th

hotOrganic STL has been hard at work this week in preparation for Golden Goodies. We are offering delicious gluten free, GMO free and organic baked goods beginning tomorrow at Tower Groves Farmer’s Market from 8 am – 12:30PM. We will vary our products throughout the summer, but will be using only nutrient dense, high quality ingredients. We hope to meet you tomorrow or another day this summer!

Shout Out: Onesto Pizza & Trattoria

Florida 2015, wedding and Fall 294

Great Italian restaurant serving pizza made with home made organic crust! This is especially important because glysophate, a harmful pesticide is added to most wheat products. They have a garden where they plant organic vegetables used in their restaurant.  The restaurant uses grass fed meat, wild fish and fish that is sustainable. They recycle and purchase organic whenever possible.

The food and service is excellent. The atmosphere is casual and fun with outdoor seating available in the warmer weather. Continue reading Shout Out: Onesto Pizza & Trattoria

Five Bistro


Florida 2015, wedding and Fall 342This post is long overdue! This past Fall I celebrated my birthday here at the suggestion of a friend. I thoroughly enjoyed the delicious, local food. This restaurant gets top ratings for quality, service and atmosphere. I recommend it with no reservation, especially for a special occasion meal. The menu changes daily depending on availability of local foods, keeping it fresh and exciting! Continue reading Five Bistro

Shout Out – City Coffee House and Creperie

We would like to give a shout out to this nice  cafe, City Coffee House and Creperie, located in Clayton. They serve salads, coffee, and of course crepes. The thing that makes them special is that they have all organic buckwheat crepes that you can get in replacement of a regular sweet crepe for an extra charge of about $1!  Although the buckwheat batter is not as sweet as the original batter, it adds a contrasting flavor to the dessert crepes and blends in perfectly with the more savory ones.

Continue reading Shout Out – City Coffee House and Creperie

Shout Out – Ice’s Plain and Fancy

Ice’s Plain and Fancy is a fairly new, locally owned ice cream shop. They are very unique in the fact that they make their ice cream right in front of you using liquid hydrogen. They get their milk from a local farm in Missouri and they also offer vegan ice cream made with coconut milk, in case you have a dairy allergy! Continue reading Shout Out – Ice’s Plain and Fancy

Revel Kitchen

Revel Kitchens is a restaurant located in the revived Cherokee Street neighborhood, near our favorite I Scream Cakes and Whisks Bakery. They serve an enticing menu of delicious local menu items including egg dishes, sandwiches and salads. Their focus is on healthy and local food items. Their entire menu is gluten free, which is wonderful for those with gluten sensitivities. They are famous for providing healthy foods to fortify several famous Saint Louis professional athletes. They provide delivered meals, along with the food available at their restaurant.

Overall Rating:     Continue reading Revel Kitchen

Local Harvest Cafe

008We finally made it back to Local Harvest Cafe, located near Tower Grove Park. We combined our trip with a visit to their famous outdoor Farmer’s Market and a bike ride through Forest Park! We had been here once before with and were quite impressed with the quality of the food, but the service was quite slow. Going back, the service could not have been more prompt and the food was just as delicious as we remembered it to be! We visited Saturday for brunch, but were advised that Sundays can be a bit more crowded. We were also advised by our knowledgeable and delightful waitress that the restaurant experienced major ownership changes a couple of years ago, which could have explained the change in service.

Overall Rating: ★★★★ Continue reading Local Harvest Cafe

The Wolf

We first visited The Wolf on a Tuesday night, which also happened to be open mic night. The relaxing environment really stuck out to us, and it was so much fun enjoying some original music and delicious food. We have visited during lunch hours also and found the menu to be delightful and enticing, with very high quality food to choose from!

Overall Rating ★★★★ Continue reading The Wolf



Fall 2014 060Chipotle is a higher end fast food chain that has recently received a lot of press for their decision to go GMO free.  This move has given Chipotle the credit they deserve for their long time use of higher quality ingredients, especially compared to most fast foods. Their positive sales have reflected their commitment as consumers have become more aware of food quality and are driving the market forces in a positive direction. While Chipotle sales have risen recently, during the same time frame McDonalds fast food chain has suffered, closing hundreds of stores.  Chipotle really cares about the source of their produce and meat and they try to support local farms that treat their animals respectfully and their plants as naturally as possible. They even stopped selling some of their pork products at one point because they could not get it from their good source any more. 

Overall Rating ★★ ★  

Continue reading Chipotle